January 23, 2023

Quantity leads to quality

Jerry Uelsmann, a professor at the university of Florida conducted an experiment that gave us some idea over how quantity may be better than quality.

He divided his photography class into two groups. One group was called the 'quantity' group who will be graded based on the amount of work they produced. Eg. 100 pictures clicked will get an A grade, 90 pictures a B and so on. The other group, the 'quality' group have to take only one picture but it has to be almost perfect to get an A grade. They were to be graded on the quality of their pictures.

In the end, the professor found that all of the best photos were taken by the quantity group since they were able to take lots of photos, experimenting with composition and lighting, testing different methods and learning from their mistakes. The quality group was occupied debating about perfection. They had little to show for their efforts. They suffered from over-thinking and planning rather than doing.


  • Atomic Habits (James Clear), Chapter 11: Walk Slowly, but Never Backwards