About Me

Hey, thanks for visiting!!

My name is Alok Sharma. I am a self-taught Product Designer based in Delhi.

Previously, I've worked in the PRTech space with Wizikey which was a unique experience, EdTech with Kreatryx, which was acquired by Unacademy.

Previous to that, I started my design journey in 2016 with LafaLafa, a cashback and coupon search platform which helped me develop more of an interest in Product Design.

Picture of a man looking into the distance, with borrowed sunglasses, and no sun in sight.

Oh yes, I graduated as an engineer, as you do, and worked at a mega service industry corp. before diving into a career as a designer. An engineering graduate can turn into anything, fact.

Besides design, I enjoy writing, photography and working on my own tiny side-projects.

I've written for a few early stage startups, online and print magazines like UnBumf, Penumbra (print) and a few blogs on FakingNews and Sportskeeda. Surprisingly, I started writing long before I became a designer.

I am also a fairly decent photographer with an interest in Street and Travel Photography. Long exposure photography and cityscapes are the most fun.

I am also a brand new Formula One fan and follow it with a passion. I also love to keep updated with Snooker, Tennis, Cricket and Chess, watching a few events when I can.

I've developed quite some liking towards Formula 1 since the beginning of 2019 season thanks to a Netflix documentary Drive to Survive. Besides that, I enjoy following Snooker (love playing this as well), Tennis, Cricket and Chess.

Currently, I curate twitter threads in a side-project of mine called Design Tweets. And I designed and developed this website over 2020 which I treated as a side-project ¯\(ツ)/¯.

Feel free to say Hi :D