About Me


Hi, I am Alok Sharma. I am currently based in Bangalore, India, designing software experiences at Tekion.


I joined Tekion in 2021. Previously, I’ve worked with Wizikey (PR Tech), Kreatryx (EduTech, acquired by Unacademy), LafaLafa (e-Commerce). Prior to that, I spent one year at Accenture as a software engineer before switching my career to Design.


Apart from design, I enjoy reading, writing, photography and general internet doom-scrolling. I am also a big-believer in note-taking and documentation and presently building my note-taking system with Obsidian.

I play Chess online almost daily (Lichess) and Snooker whenever I get an opportunity. I am an avid fan of Formula 1 since 2019 thanks to Drive to Survive on Netflix. I also take huge interest in following Tennis (Rafa forever) and Cricket.

About This Website

I launched my personal website in late 2020 as my own tiny corner on the internet. This site is built using Webflow with CMS support. It started as a portfolio but now I focus most of my efforts on my blog. I designed and built this site to be a personal playground to learn about web development, Webflow, design and much more.

I have plans to incorporate some extended pages in near future, starting with listing all my gears here.


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