January 6, 2023

Start doing something first before collecting the gear

It basically means collecting all the gear to do anything for the first time, but having no sense of the actual problem and the solution for it. A lot of the questions on Quora and Reddit are about 'thinking of doing something' before doing it. Eg. 'how long does it take to read/write a 300 page book'.

For example, for designing my portfolio, domain name, hosting, Webflow account etc are the gear. The actual value and solution will come out of case-studies, design and content I add in the website. As an extension, designing the blog layout and blog post is an accessory or gear. Writing actual articles first will have more value which can be done on low-effort platforms like Medium, Substack, Notion etc.

We should focus more on understanding the problem, approaching the problem from the ground up and starting small. We can add gear as the solution scales (eg. from Notion blog to Webflow blog). This is also a skill we can learn. This will be a part of being a better management of time and efforts at work and in personal life.