Surprise Box

A Gamified Sales Experience that led to 2nd highest sale of the year with minimal marketing spends




Web, Android


Interaction Design, UI Design, Prototyping

Team (6)

Co-founders, Full-stack Developer, Android Developer, Social Media Manager, Product Designer (Me)


Surprise Box Sale was planned as an experiment, in place of the regular sales we used to run every year - The Independence Day Sale (scheduled around 15 Aug). We decided to remove the old school landing page and try something new.

Apart from re-invention and experimentation, these were some business goals we wanted to hit with Surprise Box Sale, and how we did it:

Primary Goals

Increase social media engagement across channels

• YouTube subscribers
• Facebook (Likes on Groups and Pages)
• Google Playstore reviews, Android app download numbers

Secondary Goals

Increase Revenue (compared to last year)



Increase in FB group members (GATE Aspirants - ME/CE)


Increase in Google Play Store reviews


Increase in number of Google Reviews for one of our Classroom centers in Delhi

2nd Biggest Sale

2nd Biggest Sale of the year (by revenue)


The co-founders came up with the idea of ditching the traditional sales and try something new.

The entire team got together to brainstorming ideas, working out the user-flows, technical, design and marketing challenges.

Exploring concepts with sketches

It did not require extensive sketching of layouts to get started with the project.

Once a basic architecture was more or less defined, I moved into wireframing to further ideate and iterate, before eventually finalising the UI in Figma.

Initial explorations for user flows and layouts of various pages/screens - landing page, states etc

Some more explorations


We decided to allow coupon codes to be applied to almost all courses, instead of showing a select courses in as designed in the 4th wireframes.

Courses are divided in categories and their count could've run into 10s or 20s, which would've been a nightmare to navigate through via horizontal scroll or in responsive version.

Design Overview