Campaigns are email like messages where brands can reach-out to multiple reporters without any hassle




Responsive Web


Research, Interaction Design, UI Design, Prototyping, User Testing


Co-founder, Tech Lead, Product Designer (Me), Developers

campaigns mockup in a laptop


Understanding the existing workflows, identify experience problems, business goals

First step for me was to learn about the existing workflows, features and the people using this feature by talking to the founders, internal users and the development team. In addition, I used Lucky Orange Analytics to observe and identify some experience issues with the existing designs.

screenshots of mouse scroll taken from lucky orange analytics


User-flows, use-cases

Based on the findings, I explored some initial ideas by defining some user-flows, use-cases and sketching a few rough ideas. This helped me turn ideas into tangible visuals to get feedback and have a conversation with stakeholders.

image showing sketches, use-cases and user-flows during ideation stage


After some initial discussions, I started working on wireframes which helped conduct better conversations around the feature, and get better feedback from all stakeholders.


Design and Prototype

After a few rounds of discussions, feedback and accommodating changes in business needs, I designed the final interface and interactions. We also redesigned the sidebar to be more scalable along the way.

New Design

a few selective final designs

Old Design

a few selective older designs

Feedback and Changes

After the designs were done, we went around the company to request feedback from various stakeholders. Based on feedback and suggestions, I revised and updated the designs. This feedback-iteration loop went on for some time.

Green background colour means the feedback was taken care of.

screenshots of feedback from internal team members

Testing with Users

Along with colleagues, we conducted user interview with a few internal users who also happen to be PR Industry experts. We got a lot of feedback about intricate details and suggestions to make their lives easier.

screenshot of feedback received during user interviews

Final Designs

Overall, the final designs were a huge improvement with a cleaner interface, improved experience and usability in addition to a more efficient workflow and new features.

In addition to the feedback prior to this, we added a few more use-cases, features and functionalities subsequently to design a more accommodating and efficient experience.

final designsnew feature added after the final product launch