January 15, 2021


Personal Websites as a Proof of Work

I came across this short Twitter thread by Abhinav. In a succinct few tweets, he described the fundamental benefits of having a public proofs-of-work. I prefer personal websites as the one place for this.

A personal website should be treated as a proof-of-work to showcase skills, side projects, experiment and learn. Personal websites are also an extension of one's personality. They can be designed and built without any constraints or deadlines.

Designing or building a personal website can also help one learn the process of design, development, writing copy and other skills. For instance, I learnt a bit more of Webflow while working on my own personal website, this one. Hardik Pandya mentioned in one of his older articles, that he got familiar with React.js while building his personal portfolio website.

Everyone wants to work for and alongside interesting people, who have worked on cool projects. A personal website can act as a showcase to share interesting work, side projects, resources etc. One can also share their own thoughts without any fear of being judged about the quality. It might resonate with some, and can help in building a personal brand over time.

Proofs of work also grows and gets stronger, better over time, especially with personal websites. While a static proofs-of-work like a portfolio with case-study links, degrees, certificates etc do not.

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